Wearables: A Restart

Since KC and I have decided to go our separate ways on the project, I have been trying to brainstorm new ideas.  However, I have still found this to be a struggle as the projects seem so similar to others.  I also am struggling with how much technology needs to play a part.  I know that wearables aren’t necessarily defined by their technology but I am also wanting to use this as a learning opportunity.  With these being my main issues, I have started brainstorming some possibilities.

As perviously discussed, I like the idea of using body language as a subject for this.  I read through Center for Nonverbal Studies and am still processing as it was a lot of information.  When I originally wanted to do body language, I wanted something that decipher every part but I now know that’s unrealistic.  So I started thinking more about which parts I liked and found that I like the idea of eye contact.  This brought me to the conceptualized idea of glasses that light up your eyes when you are focused on another person who is wearing a similar pair.  In my head, the lighting of your eye would drown out other light allowing you to focus on the other persons eyes that are lit up.  Obviously this wouldn’t be a commercial product but I find that to me it is an interesting idea to play with.

The other idea that came out of this research was the idea of waiting.  I realized I have been thinking about waiting a lot but never really thought about what could be done with it until tonight.  Waiting has such a profound effect on people that I would like to explore a project on this.  However, I am unsure on what type of wearable could solve this.

Throughout this whole process there has been a lot of stress and because of this, I also am thinking about the idea of a stress relieving shirt.  This could be explored by using different textures to grab onto or relax with.  Almost like a bubble wrap for your body.

The next idea I came up with was reinventing the friendship necklaces.  For this, it would be exploring what a friendship necklace is meant to be.  I could do a basic technology of them lighting up when put together but I think I would want more than that.  Perhaps sensing the other person’s presences or giving you sense of their mood (not sure how this would be possible.)


I know that these are all thoughts in different directions and I am scared about how behind I am on prototyping.  I learned a lot from making the basic circuit with the project with KC but now with starting back at square one this week, it makes me scared of not finishing this project.  I seem to have an issue with deciding on a project that I think is actually a good idea and second guess everything. I plan to present these in class for this week.

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