Shadow WiFi

The Problem:  Skin cancer is a leading cancer that is commonly overlooked and prevention is usually ignored.

The Solution: Shadow WiFi is a large structure that provides shade for beachgoers. It encourages them to sit behind it by providing  free wifi only in the shaded areas. As the sun moves, so does the wifi single.  In addition to this, the participants were required to sign up for email updates about sun prevention.

The Impact: According to this article, the Shadow Wi-Fi was very successful when originally launched in Peru and has lead to future installation plans in San Francisco and New Zealand with the intention of becoming global.   Also, the developers have released the software for non-profit use.

Behavioral Levers:   This is successful in it’s simplicity.  The Shadow WiFi easily provides shade for the user without having to bring their own in a place that normally would be shade free.  It’s also easy to understand and to use. The only requirement is signing up for emails and to sit in a darker area. Although, the average beachgoer is probably going to the beach to get a tan, it’s intention appears to be just to lessen the amount of time they are in the sun and not to eliminate it.  Thus, this does a good job of that.

The Shadow WiFi appears to meet 4 out of the 5 levers of behavior change by Unilever. Those being that it is understandable and easy by just requiring an email sign up and stand/sit in shade, desirable and rewarding by giving free wifi which is a desirable service and rewarding in being free.  The one it may miss on is making it a habit. The Shadow WiFi does bring awareness to the issue and create a one-time solution, but it doesn’t necessarily create a habit. With that said, it is still a creative, “carrot”-type solution that helps to encourage skin cancer prevention without shaming the consumer.

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