Video and Sound: Week 1

The issues these articles and videos that surround plagiarism, copyright infringement, and trademark violations seem to come down to the intention of the “secondary creator.”  Is the intention of this creator to make an exact replica usually with the goal of making a monetary amount/gaining recognition or is the intention to create something new using the inspiration of the original?   The originator’s assumption of the secondary creator’s intention can cause these discussions.  I liked the quote from the Kirby Ferguson’s Embrace the Remix: “great artist steal, just not from me” when he was referring to Steve Jobs.  Does everyone want to just be inspired without inspiring?  What happens if a mass amount of people are inspired by the same thing? An example that comes to mind is the video of Axis of Awesome’s “Four Chord Song”

Something that came to mind was the difference between stealing within art and science.  It seems to be a bigger deal when it comes to creating an art piece that is inspired by another’s than when a scientist piggybacks in order to create a new theory.  I wonder if this is just because art is much more personal giving of ideas?

In regards to the walk, it was an interesting experience.  While I really enjoyed the concept, I’m not sure I enjoyed doing “Her Long Black Hair” walk.  Part of the issue was that I did this with an injured foot and the pace became off so I had to pause a couple of times to make sure I was at the right point.  This made it hard to be fully immersed in the experience.  I started to become focused on her tone of voice rather than what she was saying.  I did like that it pointed out things that I wouldn’t normally look around for.  It took me out of my tunnel vision a few times. I want to try it again when I can keep up to see if I might like it better. It also inspired me to take my own walks while trying to stay in the present instead of zoning out.  

“Her Long Black Hair” is impressive from just a technical aspect in how each sound was recorded so well.  As you can hear in the three sounds recorded during our scavenger hunt, ours are less clear.




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