ICM: First Impressions

After messing around with p5.js, I can say that my first impression of ICM is definitely a good one. I am most excited about seeing what can be done once we get in a little deeper.

To get more familiar with this language, I tried to add the basic shapes from the reference guide in my picture.  Each shape became easier to add until I got to the Bezier and Curve functions.  I found that the Curve function confused me because of the order of each parameter.  In my mind, it is more intuitive for the first and last parameters to be the start and stop points rather than control points. Once that was understood, it was easier to experiment with. However, I would like to know how I could create lines along the planet without just knowing exact coordinates.

ICM Week 1: Spaceship Adventure

The most exciting find was using the randomSeed function.  I wanted to add background stars but decided it was too tedious to put the coordinates in one by one.  As I was messing around with the various random functions, I found that if I put randomSeed(i), it was cause the “stars” to move around the page in an animated fashion.

Code : Randomizing Stars

Although, I am pretty happy with the results, I still have a few basic questions:

1. How can shapes be grouped together? Is there a way to “subtract” shapes from each other?

2. How can an object move across a page?


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