Urban Imagination

Screaming Canyon

Last week was not the best week for me and I just wanted to scream to get some stress relief.  This feeling inspired me for this project.  Enter the Screaming Canyon.


Being able to yell as loud as you want and not think someone is killing you or that you are crazy is a luxury in a city so large.  The Screaming Canyon would be small rooms placed on the street to allow people to scream out their frustrations in a peaceful manner.

On the outside the the room would look like a large stone or rock with door.  When you walk in you are transported into a open canyon.  As you yell out, the canyon echoes back just like in nature.  The canyon is completely private and soundproof so anything can be said.  Not only can shouting or crying your frustrations out encourage peace in your life but also being surrounded by nature can help.  Image result for grand canyon cliff

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