Week 7: Midterm – TrumpPong with Joysticks

For our Midterm, Lisa and I decided to adapt her Trump Pong project to work using physical parts.  We started by easily adapting potentiometers to each of the paddles (shown in the video below.)

Trump Pong with Potentiometer Test 1 from Lindsey Frances on Vimeo.

While it was easy to adapt at first, we found some troubles with the serial monitor.  At first, we tried to add in a handshake between arduino and p5.  While this helped with getting rid of the delay of the trump ball, we still ran into issues with not being able to play and receive data into p5 once the sketch was closed out.  After meeting with Sam, he was able to install a server fix that now consistently works.  Since the code works, we attached the components to the box Lisa made and now have our own personal trump arcade game with joystick:

IMG_2006 2




Here is a link to our codes.

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