PComp: Week 2 – Switches

This week’s labs were a great refresher of my previous education in basic circuits.  However, I did run into a few issues when trying to create a basic switch application. My idea was to create two rings where one had an LED and the other was battery powered.  When they touched, the LED would light up.  This is a fairly basic concept but I discovered it was much more difficult to execute.  The original plan was to use rings and just attach the electronics. During the first attempt, the plan failed due to not having tape of any kind.  In the second attempt, the wire of the LED wasn’t long enough.  These two things lead to discovering the helpfulness of conductive tape in the situation. Below is the final solution.

Switch Ringsimage6

There was an issue with keeping the batteries together.

Soldering would have been a better move but for now, a clothes pin kept them together tightly:


Questions: Is conductive tape always conductive on both sides?



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